Famous Tourist Destination in West Java

Tourist Destination in West Java – West Java is a province rich in interesting tourist attractions. Here are some of the most famous tourist destinations in West Java:


Tourist Destination in West Java


Bandung is known as “Paris van Java” because of its natural beauty and famous shopping centers. Popular tourist attractions in Bandung include Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah Putih, Jalan Braga, and Floating Market Lembang.


Located around Bandung, Ciwidey has amazing natural charm. Kawah Putih is the main attraction, but this area also has many other natural tourist attractions such as Situ Patenggang, Ranca Upas, and Glamping Lakeside.


Garut is famous for the natural beauty of its mountains and waterfalls. One of the famous attractions is Santolo Beach. Waterfalls such as Cangkuang, Darajat, and Cipanas are also popular here.


Puncak is a famous hilly area in West Java. Located not far from Jakarta, Puncak is a popular destination for a weekend getaway. Taman Safari Indonesia and Cipanas Tea Garden are famous tourist attractions in this area.


Apart from the Safari Park, Bogor is also known for the Bogor Botanical Gardens (Indonesian Botanical Gardens) which is one of the largest botanical gardens in Asia. Bogor also has the historic Bogor Palace.


Cianjur is an area with amazing natural views. Famous tourist attractions include Gunung Padang, Situ Gunung, and Cibeureum Waterfall.


Sukabumi has beautiful beaches such as Pelabuhan Ratu and Ujung Genteng. Apart from that, Sukabumi is also known for adventure tourist attractions such as Citarik River Rafting.


Anyer is a popular beach tourist destination in West Java. Anyer Beach offers beautiful sea views, and is a popular place for holidays with the family.


Kuningan has amazing natural charm with tourist attractions such as Mount Ciremai, Curug Cikaso, and Situ Cileunca.

Pelabuhan Ratu 

Located in Sukabumi, Pelabuhan Ratu is a beach famous for its waves which are suitable for surfing. This place also has amazing natural beauty.
Each of these destinations offers a unique and enchanting tourist experience, ranging from natural beauty, historical tourism, to adventure activities.