i-Car, Driverless Electric Car Made by ITS

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Driverless Electric Car

I-Car Driverless Electric Car – Indonesia will never run out of people who are experts in innovation in the field of technology, especially. Human resources in Indonesia are often underestimated. However, all of this was rewarded with the presence of i-Car.

Driverless Electric Car
Driverless Electric Car


The September Institute of Technology or ITS is the place where the i-Car is made. i-Car is the name of an electric car that is designed to run without a driver.

Launched on the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the i-Car is not only present as a form of good innovation that Indonesia has been able to make amidst concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, but also as one of the best gifts for Indonesia.

With a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) artificial intelligence technology, i-Car comes with various advantages, such as minimizing the risk of accidents by being able to show potential dangers thereby preventing collisions, and optimal electric propulsion.

Something that is no less interesting about the I-Car Driverless Electric Car is the sensor. These sensors include Global Positioning System (GSP) and Light RADAR (LiDAR). The two sensors are combined together with a camera with high resolution which is useful for data collection.

Driverless Electric Car

Data collection is used as part of big data analysis which is then processed by a computer with high specifications in the car. The success of the i-Car is thanks to the collaborative hands of a total of more than 30 experts, professors, doctors, and masters as well as several ITS students who were involved in making the i-Car.

The process of making the i-Car lasted for six months, including when the team was formed, who would contribute to it. Then, i-Car production reached three months. Pretty short, right?

Reporting from ITS, the i-Car will be operated as a commuter car within the ITS campus area which students can use to go to bus stops using the i-Car which can be called via the i-Car application.

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When you want to call the I-Car Driverless Electric Car, not only at the bus stop area, but you can also call it in areas that are the reach points of this smart car. The range is still small because the i-Car is designed to go from stop to stop.

The i-Car developers also hope that i-Car operations can reach a wider area. What’s more, the i-Car is an electric car, which is good for protecting the environment from pollution, reducing emissions and the use of fuel, gasoline.

No less proud, the i-Car is even classified at levels three and four based on the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Society of Automotive Engineers Autonomous Driving Grading Standard.

This means that driving operations, system-based environmental recognition, and i-Car automation are already at a conditional and optimal level. i-Car steering control will automatically shift to the passenger. Apart from that, when you are in an emergency, the steering will change to manual.

The increasing innovation of electric cars in Indonesia is certainly proof of the ability and greatness of the Indonesian people behind making electric cars. What’s more, i-Car involves ITS students in creating this smart car.

The presence of i-Car is very useful and very interesting, isn’t it? In this way, Indonesia can be said to be starting to be able to compete in the field of technology on the international stage through the presence of these interesting innovations.

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