History of Jambi

With the end of the Jambi Sultanate following the death of Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin on April 27 1904 and the success of the Dutch in controlling the territories of the Jambi Sultanate, Jambi was designated as a Residency and entered the Nederlandsch Indie region. The first Jambi Resident, O.L Helfrich, who was appointed based on the Decree of the Governor General of the Netherlands No. 20 dated May 4, 1906 and his inauguration was held on July 2, 1906.

Dutch power over Jambi lasted ± 36 years because on March 9, 1942 there was a transfer of power to the Japanese Government. And on August 14, 1945 Japan surrendered to the allies. On August 17, 1945 the Republic of Indonesia was proclaimed. Sumatra at the time of the Proclamation became one Province, namely the Provinces of Sumatra and Medan as the capitals and MR. Teuku Muhammad Hasan was appointed to hold the position of governor.

On April 18 1946, the Indonesian National Committee for Sumatra met in Bukittinggi and decided that Sumatra Province would consist of three sub-provinces, namely North Sumatra, Central Sumatra and South Sumatra.

The Central Sumatra sub-province includes the residencies of West Sumatra, Riau and Jambi. The tug-of-war for the Jambi Residency to enter South Sumatra or Central Sumatra turned out to be quite tough and was finally determined by voting at the KNI Sumatra Session and the Jambi Residency entered Central Sumatra. These sub-provinces of the Province of Sumatra were then determined by law number 10 of 1948 as Provinces.

With UU.No. 22 of 1948 concerning Principles of Regional Government, the Jambi residency at that time consisted of 2 Regencies and 1 Jambi Municipality. These districts are Merangin Regency which includes the Muara Tebo, Muaro Bungo, Bangko and Batanghari districts, consisting of the Muara Tembesi, Jambi Luar Kota and Kuala Tungkal districts. As time goes on, many community leaders want the Jambi residency to become part of South Sumatra and others want it to remain and some even want to stand alone. Moreover, Kerinci again wanted to be included in the Jambi Residency, because since June 1 1922 Kerinci, which was previously part of the Jambi Sultanate, was included in the West Sumatra Residency, to be precise, it became part of the Pesisir Selatan and Kerinci Regency (PSK)

The demand for the Jambi residency to become a Level I Provincial area was raised in a Joint Statement between the Merangin Batanghari Youth Association (HP.MERBAHARI) and the Jambi Youth Front (FROPEJA) on April 10 1954 which was handed over directly to Bung Hatta, Vice President in Bangko, who was visiting there at that time. Jambi’s population at that time was recorded at approximately 500,000 people (not including Kerinci).

This desire was realized again in the Jambi Regional Youth Congress April 30 – May 3 1954 by sending three delegates, namely Rd. Abdullah, AT Hanafiah and H. Said and an adviser to the delegation, namely Mr. Syamsu Bahrun, met the Minister of Home Affairs Prof. DR MR Hazairin.

Various determinations emerged after that, both from a combination of political parties, the Marga Government Council, the Merangin Regional People’s Representative Council, Batanghari. The culmination was at the Jambi people’s congress on 14-18 June 1955 at the Murni cinema building, a forum for the Jambi People’s struggle was formed called the Djambi People’s Congress Body (BKRD) to try and fight for Jambi to become a Level I Autonomous Region of Jambi Province.

At the Youth Congress in the Jambi region on 2-5 January 1957, the BKRD urged the Jambi Residency to become a de facto Province no later than 9 January 1957. The BKRD Plenary Session on January 6 1957 at 02.00 officially determined that the Jambi residency became a Level I Provincial Autonomous Region which was directly related to the central government and outside of Central Sumatra Province. The Banteng Council as the ruler of the Central Sumatra Province government which took over the government of Central Sumatra Province from Governor Ruslan Mulyohardjo on January 9 1957 approved the BKRD’s decision.

On February 8, 1957 the Chairman of the Banteng Council, Lt. Col. Ahmad Husein, appointed Resident Djamin gr. Datuk Bagindo as Acting Governor and H. Hanafi as Deputy Acting Governor of Djambi Province, with a staff of 11 people namely Nuhan, Rd. Hasan Amin, M. Adnan Kasim, H.A. Manap, Salim, Syamsu Bahrun, Kms. H.A. Somad. Rd. Suhur, Manan, Imron Nungcik and Abd Umar who were confirmed by Decree No. 009/KD/U/L KPTS. dated February 8, 1957 and at the same time inaugurated the founding of the Jambi Province in the Jambi Resident’s yard (now the Jambi Governorate).

On August 9, 1957 the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno finally signed in Denpasar Bali. Emergency Law no. 19 of 1957 concerning the Establishment of the Provinces of West Sumatra, Riau and Jambi. With Law no. 61 of 1958 dated 25 July 1958 Emergency Law no. 19 of 1957 concerning the Establishment of the Sumatra Region Level I, West Sumatra, Djambi and Riau. (1957 Law No. 75) as Law.

In Law no. 61 of 1958 stated in article 1 letter b, that the Jambi Level I Autonomous Region includes the Level II Autonomous Regions of Batanghari, Merangin, and Jambi Municipality as well as the Kerinci Hulu, Tengah and Hilir Districts.

Continuation of Law no. 61 of 1958, on 19 December 1958 the Minister of Home Affairs Sanoesi Hardjadinata appointed and appointed Djamin gr. Datuk Bagindo Resident of Jambi as Dienst Doend DD Governor (resident assigned as Governor of Jambi Province with Decree Number UP/5/8/4). The Acting Governor on December 30, 1958 inaugurated the founding of Jambi Province on behalf of the Minister of Home Affairs at the Jambi National Building (now the BKOW building). Even though the dejure of Jambi Province was determined by the 1957 Emergency Law and then Law no. 61 of 1958 but taking into account the historical origins of its formation by the people of Jambi through the BKRD, the date of the BKRD Decree of January 6, 1957 was set as the anniversary of the Province of Jambi, as stated in the Regional Regulation of the Province of Djambi Number. 1 of 1970 dated 7 June 1970 concerning the Birthday of Djambi Province.

The names of the Resident and Governor of Jambi from the colonial period to the present are as follows:

During the Colonial Period, the Dutch Residents in Jambi were:
1. O.L. Helfrich (1906-1908)
2. A.J.N Engelemberg (1908-1910)
3. Th. A.L. Heyting (1910-1913)
4. AL. Kamerling (1913-1915)
5. H.E.C. Quasts (1915 – 1918)
6. H.L.C Petri (1918-1923)
7. C. Poorman (1923-1925)
8. G.J. Van Dongen (1925-1927)
9. H.E.K Ezerman (1927-1928)
10. J.R.F Verschoor Van Niesse (1928-1931)
11. W.S. Teinbuch (1931-1933)
12.Ph. J. Van der Meulen (1933-1936)
13. M.J. Ruyschaver (1936-1940)
14. Reuvers (1940-1942)

In 1942 – 1945 Japan entered Indonesia, including Jambi


Jambi Resident:
1.Dr. Segaf Yahya (1945)
2. R. Inu Kertapati (1945-1950)
3. Bachsan (1950-1953)
4. Hoesin Puang Limbaro (1953-1954)
5. R. Sudono (1954-1955)
6. Djamin Datuk Bagindo (1954-1957) – Acting Governor

January 6, 1957 BKRD declared the Jambi Residency a Province
February 8, 1957 the inauguration of the province and the governor’s office at the Resident’s residence by the Chairman of the Banteng Council. The formation of the province was strengthened by the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 1 July 1957, Law Number 1/1957 and Emergency Law Number 19/1957 and replacing these Laws with Law Number 61/1958.


Governor of Jambi:
1. M. Joesoef Singedekane (1957-1967)
2. H. Abdul Manap (Acting Governor 1967-1968)
3. R.M. Noer Atmadibrata (1968-1974)
4. Djamaluddin Tambunan, SH (1974-1979)
5. Edy Sabara (Acting Governor 1979)
6. Masjchun Sofwan, SH (1979-1989), Drs. H. Abdurrahman Sayoeti (Deputy Governor)
7. Drs. H. Abdurrahman Sayoeti (1989-1999), Musa (Deputy Governor), Drs. Hasip Kalimudin Syam (Deputy Governor)
8. Drs. H. Zulkifli Nurdin, MBA (1999-2005), Uteng Suryadiatna (Deputy Governor), Drs. Hasip Kalimudin Syam (Deputy Governor)
9. DR. Ir. H. Sudarsono H, SH, MA (Acting Governor 2005)
10. Drs. H. Zulkifli Nurdin, MBA (Governor 2005-2010), Drs. H. Antony Zeidra Abidin (Deputy Governor 2005-2010)
11. Drs. H. Hasan Basri Agus, MM (Governor 2010-2015), Drs. H. Fachrori Umar, M.Hum (Deputy Governor 2010-2015)
12.Dr. Ir. H. Irman, M.Si (Acting Governor 2015-2016)
13. H. Zumi Zola Zulkifli, S.TP, MA (Governor 2016 – present), Drs. H. Fachrori Umar, M. Hum (Deputy Governor 2010-2015)
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