Jawa Barat – West Java

History of West Java

West Java is the heart of Sundanese culture or commonly referred to as Tatar Sunda/Pasundan together with the province of Banten even though many immigrants have settled and lived from various other ethnic groups in Indonesia, especially in the Jakarta metropolitan area and have migrated to Cirebon for centuries.

5th century
Tarumanegara Kingdom
West Java in the 5th century was part of the Tarumanagara Kingdom. Inscriptions left by the Tarumanagara Kingdom are widely spread in West Java. There are seven inscriptions written in the Wengi script (which was used in the Palawa period of India) and Sanskrit, most of which tell about the kings of Tarumanagara.

8th century
Sunda/Pajajaran Kingdom
After the collapse of the Tarumanegara kingdom, power in the western part of Java Island from Ujung Kulon to Kali Serayu was continued by the Sunda Kingdom. One of the inscriptions from the Sunda Kingdom era is the Kebon Kopi II inscription which dates from 932. The Sunda Kingdom had its capital in Pakuan Pajajaran (now the city of Bogor).

16th century
Cirebon Sultanate
In the 16th century, the Demak Sultanate grew to become an economic and political rival to the Sunda Kingdom. Cirebon Harbor (later Cirebon City) was separated from the Sunda Kingdom due to the influence of the Demak Sultanate. This port later grew into the Cirebon Sultanate which separated from the Sunda Kingdom. Banten Harbor also passed into the hands of the Cirebon Sultanate and later grew into the Banten Sultanate.

17th century
Dutch Via VOC Enter Jayakarta
The VOC had offices in Ambon from 1610 to 1619. However, because of pressure from the Portuguese conquest, the VOC moved to Jayakarta or Batavia in 1619. And the first VOC Governor General was Pieter Both.

19th century
Dutch VOC power increasingly felt in West Java
The VOC expanded its territory by establishing its power in the Banten region. Efforts to develop this territory were recorded in 1603 AD. At that time, Banten allowed the Dutch partnership, namely the VOC, to dock its ships, set up offices, and even allowed it to build its defensive fort in the Banten region.

Dutch East Indies Forms West Java Province
The formation of the province was an implementation of the Bestuurshervormingwet in 1922, which divided the Dutch East Indies into provincial regional units.

August 1945
August 17, 1945

West Java Joins the Republic of Indonesia.
August 1945
August 19, 1945

Anniversary of the West Java Provincial Government
The Indonesian Independence Preparatory Committee (PPKI) session announced West Java as one of 8 provinces in Indonesia. Furthermore, through Regional Regulation Number 26 of 2010 concerning the Anniversary of the West Java Provincial Government, establishing August 19 as the Anniversary of the West Java Provincial Government.

August 1945
August 27, 1945

West Java Becomes a Pasundan Country
West Java became the Pasundan State which is one of the states of the United Republic of Indonesia.

Return of West Java to Indonesia