Kalimantan Tengah

History of Central Kalimantan

After the inauguration of three provinces in Kalimantan, namely East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan and South Kalimantan on January 1 1957, President Soekarno made the decision to add one more province, namely Central Kalimantan Province. This decision was the beginning of the inauguration of the Preparatory Office for the Establishment of Central Kalimantan Province by the Minister of Home Affairs.

RTA Milono as Governor made Central Kalimantan Province the resident of the Department of Home Affairs on May 23 1957, with the issuance of Emergency Law Number 10 of 1957 concerning the Establishment of the Central Kalimantan Province Swatantra Region. This marked the end of RTA Milono’s position as the Forming Governor of Central Kalimantan and at the same time the appointment and appointment of RTA Milono as the definitive Governor of Central Kalimantan by the Central Government. Two months later, Palangka Raya was designated as the capital of Central Kalimantan. Palangka Raya means a holy, noble and great place. However, President Soekarno only inaugurated and drove the first pole on July 17 1957.

At that time, Central Kalimantan Province only had 3 level II regencies, namely Barito Regency, Kapuas Regency and Kotawaringin Regency. Subsequently, the district was expanded into 5 districts, namely:

1. North Barito Regency with the capital Muara Teweh

2. South Barito Regency with the capital Buntok

3. Kapuas Regency

4. East Kotawaringin Regency with the capital Sampit

5. West Kotawaringin Regency with the capital Pangkalan Bun

As time went by, the regencies which were originally only 5 regencies were expanded again to become 13 regencies 1 city on July 2 2002. The eight new regencies are:

1. Katingan Regency with the capital Kasongan

2. Seruyan Regency with the capital Kuala Pembuang

3. Sukamara Regency with the capital Sukamara

4. Lamandau Regency with the capital Nanga Bulik

5. Gunung Mas Regency with the capital Kuala Kurun

6. Pulang Pisau Regency with the capital Pulang Pisau

7. Murung Raya Regency with the capital Puruk Cahu

8. East Barito Regency with the capital Tamiang Layang

This is a brief history of the formation of Central Kalimantan Province. Today, Central Kalimantan Province turns 61 years old. Hopefully Central Kalimantan can become more advanced, prosperous and can realize the vision and mission of the Governor of Central Kalimantan H Sugianto Sabran, namely towards a Blessed Central Kalimantan (Dignified, Elegant, Religious, Strong, Trustworthy and Harmonious)