Sulawesi Utara – North Sulawesi

History of North Sulawesi

The province of North Sulawesi has quite a long historical history and also gave birth to a figure who was able to take part in the formation of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Dr Sam Ratulangi. The man known by the motto Si Tou Timou Tumoutou or humans live to humanize other humans can participate in building the foundations of the Indonesian nation based on Pancasila. And as the next generation or Sam Ratulangi today, we should also know the history of North Sulawesi province.

History of North Sulawesi – Traditional Elders of the Minahasa Tribe

The following is the history of North Sulawesi Province which we took from the official website of the North Sulawesi provincial government which is located at

North Sulawesi Province has a fairly long historical background before this area at the northern tip of the archipelago became a Level One Regional Province. The history of the North Sulawesi Regional Government is not much different from the history of other provinces located on Sulawesi Island which have experienced several changes in government administration.

History of North Sulawesi Government

At the beginning of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, this area had Residency status which was part of Sulawesi Province. Along with the development of government, based on Government Regulation no. 5 of 1960 Sulawesi Province was divided into two parts, namely South-Southeast Sulawesi Province and North-Central Sulawesi Province. To regulate the administration of government in the Province of North-Central Sulawesi, based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 122/m of 1960 dated March 23, 1960 Mr. A A. Baramuli as Governor of Level I Region of North-Central Sulawesi.

Nine months later, the status of North-Central Sulawesi Province and South-Southeast Sulawesi Province was reorganized into Level I Region of North-Central Sulawesi and Level I Region of South-Southeast Sulawesi through Government Regulation in Lieu of Law Number 47/Prp/Year 1960. Provincial Region The Level I Regions of Sulutteng include: Manado Municipality, Gorontalo Municipality, and eight Level II Regions respectively: Sangihe Talaud, Bolaang Mongondow, Minahasa, Gorontalo, Buol Toli-Toli, Donggala, Poso, and Luwuk/Banggai. With the enactment of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law Number 47 Prp of 1960, the administration of the autonomous regions of Level I Sulawesi begins, where the North Sulawesi Region is part of the Level I Region of North-Central Sulawesi.

History of the Election of Governor of North Sulawesi

The de facto autonomy of the Level I Regional Province of North-Central Sulawesi only started since the formation of the North-Central Sulawesi Provincial DPRD on December 26 1961. The implementation of government mechanisms in the region at that time was carried out based on Presidential Decree Number 6 of 1959 which was then followed by the issuance of Presidential Decree Number 5 of 1960. These two Presidential Decrees are essentially an effort to bring order to the administration of government in the regions based on the system of “guided democracy” as well as a refinement (retooling) of the regional government apparatus based on Law Number 1 of 1957.

Meanwhile, Presidential Decree Number 5 of 1960 changed the composition of the DPRD membership, which originally consisted of Political Party Representatives according to the election results, to a Council consisting of Political Party Representatives and Functional Groups by appointing the Regional Head as chairman of the DPRD who was not a member. That is why in the Leadership Period Mr. A A. Baramuli from March 23, 1960 to. 15 July 1962 apart from being Governor of the First Level Region of North – Central Sulawesi, he also served as Chairman of the DPRD.

While running the government in the Level I Region of North-Central Sulawesi, Governor Mr. A A. Baramuli, assisted by Deputy Governor Lt. Col. F.J. Tumbelaka and Regional Secretary Resident Datu Mangku Nan Kuning, who was later replaced by Resident Hein Lalamentik, have taken steps to consolidate and organize all existing Government Apparatus, at the same time gradually through collaboration with all elements and security forces in the region have attempted to restore security and order at all levels of public life until the end of his term of office on June 15 1962. As a replacement, on June 15 1962 the President appointed Lieutenant Colonel F.J. Tumbelaka as Acting Governor of the First Level Region of North-Central Sulawesi, who was later confirmed as the Definitive Governor based on Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 83 dated 27 July 1963.