Sumatera Utara – North Sumatera

A Brief History

During the Dutch era, North Sumatra was a government called Gouvernement van Sumatra with territory covering the entire island of Sumatra, led by a Governor who was based in the city of Medan.

After independence, in the first session of the Regional National Committee (KND), Sumatra Province was then divided into three sub-provinces, namely: North Sumatra, Central Sumatra and South Sumatra. North Sumatra Province itself is a combination of three administrative regions called residencies, namely: Aceh Residency, East Sumatra Residency and Tapanuli Residency.

With the issuance of Law of the Republic of Indonesia (R.I.) No. 10 of 1948 on April 15 1948, it was determined that Sumatra was divided into three provinces, each of which had the right to regulate and manage its own household, namely: North Sumatra Province, Central Sumatra Province and South Sumatra Province. April 15, 1948 was later designated as the anniversary of North Sumatra Province.

In early 1949, reorganization of government was carried out in Sumatra. By Decree of the Emergency Government of R.I. Number 22/Pem/PDRI on May 17, 1949, the position of Governor of North Sumatra was abolished. Furthermore, with the Decree of the Emergency Government of R.I. on December 17, 1949, the Province of Aceh and the Province of Tapanuli/East Sumatra were formed. Then, with Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 5 of 1950 on August 14, 1950, the decree was revoked and re-established North Sumatra Province.

By R.I. Law. No. 24 of 1956 which was promulgated on December 7 1956, the Autonomous Region of Aceh Province was formed, so that the territory of North Sumatra Province partly became the territory of Aceh Province.

Historical Milestones

1854 Gouvernement van Sumatra, its capital in Medan
1948 North Sumatra Province, Central Sumatra Province, and South Sumatra Province were established
1949 Aceh Province and Tapanuli/East Sumatra Province were formed
1950 Aceh Province and Tapanuli/East Sumatra Province were re-merged as North Sumatra Province
1956 Aceh Province was established, with its territory being part of North Sumatra Province