Rawon, The Best Soup In The World 2023

The best soup in the world 2023 – Quoted from the Taste Atlas page Monday (31/7/2023), rawon was at the top and received a rating of 4.8, outperforming culinary delights from several other Asian countries. It is known that Taste Atlas is a website from Croatia that provides travel guides and experiences of various traditional snacks in the world.

“This unusual Indonesian spice is highly toxic when raw, and always needs to be fermented before consumption. Kluwek is ground with other ingredients and spices, giving the dish an earthy taste, as well as a unique dark black color. “The origin of this dish is believed to be from the city of Surabaya, the capital of East Java,” wrote a statement from the Taste Atlas website.

Meanwhile, in second place is culinary Tonkotsu Ramen, from Fukuoka, Japan with a rating of 4.7. Followed by Tom Kha Gai, from Thailand, Sopa de Lima, Taiwanese Hot Pot, Ciorba Radauteana, Bori-Bori, Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, and finally Zurek from Poland.

Previously, a typical West Sumatran food, rendang, was also one of the most delicious foods in the world for eight years in a row.

The best soup in the world 2023, Rawon is a processed food made from beef, which is rich in spices with a distinctive spice taste and is very popular with various groups. One of the spices that is characteristic of this dish is the use of kluwek or kepayang which gives the sauce its characteristic black color.

Rawon is a typical dish from East Java, Indonesia. This food is famous for its rich, dark sauce and delicious taste. The following is a more detailed explanation of rawon cooking:

The best soup in the world 2023
The best soup in the world 2023

The main ingredient:


The meat commonly used in rawon is beef, especially the brisket (the middle part of the beef’s back thigh). However, some variations allow the use of chicken meat or offal (liver, spleen, and so on).


The key ingredient in rawon is crushed kluwek seeds. Kluwek gives this dish its distinctive black flavor and color. However, kluwek seeds must be cooked carefully because they contain compounds that can be poisonous if not cooked properly.


Main spices include garlic, shallots, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, galangal, and chili. Apart from that, there are also other spices such as coriander, salt and sugar.
Cooking Process:

Meat Pre-processing

Beef is cut into pieces and then boiled until tender. Some recipes may include marinating with certain spices before boiling.

Cooking Spices

Garlic, shallots, ginger, turmeric, and other spices are ground or crushed, then fried in oil until fragrant.

Adding Kluwek

Once the above spices are cooked, crushed kluwek seeds are added. It is important to remember that kluwek seeds must be processed properly to eliminate their poisonous properties.

Kluwek: A Spice that Contains Cyanide

Making Soup

Soup for rawon is made by boiling a mixture of fried spices together with water. The meat that has been previously boiled is then put into this sauce.

Taste Adjustment

After all the ingredients are added, the taste can be adjusted by adding salt, sugar or other spices according to taste.

Rawon, The best soup in the world



Rawon is usually served with accompaniments such as bean sprouts (mung bean sprouts), soybeans, salted eggs, fried garlic slices, lime and chili sauce. White rice is also always served together.

How to Serve

Rawon is served hot with pieces of meat and sauce. The accompaniments are placed around the dish, allowing each person to adjust the taste and texture of the dish to their individual tastes.

The best soup in the world 2023 Rawon is a dish that is rich in taste and has loyal fans in Indonesia. It is also a typical Indonesian dish which is often served at various important events or culinary festivals.