Reyog Ponorogo

Reyog Ponorogo is a form of traditional performing art from the Ponorogo area, East Java, Indonesia. This performance is a very rich cultural heritage and has become an integral part of the identity of the people of Ponorogo.

Here is some more information about Reyog Ponorogo:


Reyog Ponorogo has strong historical roots in East Javanese society. This performance is believed to have originated from the Majapahit kings in the 13th century. Some versions say that this show was started to entertain soldiers after the war. However, there are various theories regarding the origin of Reyog which are still the subject of debate among experts.

Main Characters

The Reyog performance involves various characters, but the most prominent are “Jatil” and “Girah”. Jatil is a male character who wears a very large and tall costume, usually wearing a crown and flashy clothes. Meanwhile, Girah is a female figure who usually has a more refined appearance and wears beautiful clothes.


Costumes and Attributes

Costumes in Reyog performances are striking and often large. Jatil will wear a costume made from owl or rooster feathers held together with string. Apart from that, Jatil will also wear a large, heavy mask or face covering. Girah costumes are usually more refined, with clothing made from colorful silk fabrics.

Music and Dance

Reyog performances are accompanied by typical gamelan music. Gamelan is a traditional Javanese musical ensemble consisting of various types of instruments such as gongs, saron, drums, and others. Apart from music, this performance also includes dance movements which are very dynamic and full of enthusiasm.

Meaning and Philosophy

Reyog Ponorogo has various meanings and philosophies related to courage, fighting spirit and unity. This performance is often used to depict the spirit of heroism and unity in facing various challenges.

Importance in Local Culture

Reyog Ponorogo is an integral part of the cultural life of the people of Ponorogo. This performance is often held at various traditional events, religious ceremonies or other important celebrations. Apart from that, Reyog is also an important tourist attraction for the Ponorogo area.

Reyog Ponorogo is a stunning example of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. This show not only entertains, but also teaches values and traditions that are important to the people of Ponorogo.